Man Enough

Kisa has commandeered my treadmill. I don’t know what to think of that. Sometimes, I see him as an extremely rare, highly hidden yet extremely exotic animal: don’t make too much of a big deal about this tread thing. It could stop him cold. He could revert back to the couch, cold beer and Mike and Mike. Best not mention the tread. that’s one side of it.

Other times, I see him as an intruder. There go my stats. I was using ‘User 1’ for walking stats and ‘User 2’ for running stats. Selfishly, I was hogging all the numbers for myself. Who knows what setting he’s using when he jumps on and starts…running. Yes, running. I’ll get to that in a minute. In the meantime, I’m obsessing about how badly he’s screwing with my numbers. My runnersworld training log is in shambles and I never had a walking log to begin with. Keeping track is part of the process. Being able to pile on the miles and add them up is part of what’s bringing me back, spurring me on. Meanwhile, he’s probably just hopping on and hitting ‘start.’ Not a care in the world. He could care less about keeping track of anything. Just to say he did it is good enough for him. I’m the numbers girl.

Anyway, about this Kisa running thing. Let’s get one thing straight. His stride is practically twice mine. So what I refer to as a frantic pace for ME is “running” to him. What I consider a good run is “speed walking” to him. What I consider a jog is a walk, no, stroll in the park for him. So, in the time it takes me to sweat my azz off for 2.75 miles he’s walked it the same amount of time with half the effort. And when he breaks into a run…he surpasses me and my little legs with ease. He can drink water at that pace. I pour it down my shirt trying to get anywhere near my mouth. He can talk at that pace. I sound positively asthmatic. Yes, I am jealous.

So I get it. This sharing of the tread is a good thing. He’s getting in shape and it’s obviously igniting some form of competition in me. I certainly do not want to detract from the obvious benefits to all this. But, but. But! Here’s the thing. He’s messing with my numbers!

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5 thoughts on “Man Enough

  1. sarah

    this blog made me laugh….

    i would love to walk or run at either of your paces 😛

  2. I jinxed the poor guy…he hurt his back again!

  3. I have this gadget…within the first week of wearing it it flew off my shoe…my own fault though, I refuse to wear Nike (they don’t like my feet).We had to “rig” the attachment. 😦

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