Testing the Tread

my ouchI finally got to see someone about the ankle. It was nice to know it’s all in my head. Or rather, a huge miscommunication between feet and brain. My brain is not talking to my ankle, nor is my ankle listening anymore. How odd is that? There is a breakdown in trust. As in my brain tells my ankle what to do and my ankle refuses out of weakness and loss of motion. I simply don’t walk the way I used to and my brain can’t convince my ankle to trust motion. To add insult to injury, the flexibility I once had in my ankle is gone daddy gone. Can you look at the bottom of your foot? I can’t. I’m beyond frustrated with this new-old development. And to think I did this walking. How bizarre. At any rate, before seeing someone about this I tested the tread. I ran for 2.5 miles and didn’t feel a single twitch of pain, not a single stitch of stiffness. But then again I wasn’t at it for all that long. I didn’t give me or myself time to complain.

So what now? According to the sports doc I need to play games with my ankle and brain. I need my ankle to trust and communicate with my brain. And how do I do that? Jumping. The name of the game is finding balance. I need to get my ankle to use muscles it hasn’t in a very long time. Dust off the ability to stand on one foot and hop. Sounds stupid, but there is it. I’m supposed to take a piece of tape and mark four equidistant (18″) targets to the north, south, east, and west of my offending ankle. Standing on one foot I am to hop clockwise onto each target, then counter clockwise. It sounds positively silly, but at this point I am desperate. It’s been a month.

ps~ gross pic, huh?

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6 thoughts on “Testing the Tread

  1. sarah

    i hope they start listening to each other soon. you are my favorite walking buddy!

  2. awww! Wanna do Rays of Hope with me in Oct?

  3. sarah


  4. YAY!

  5. Jay

    gross pic

    • I know, but the good news is it didn’t really hurt. It was more frozen (lost mobility) than painful.

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