Hike for Mike

So, I have another charity event coming up this weekend. A small, three mile walk around a park…or something like that. I haven’t really trained for it (like I would need to), but I have been working on the ankle, making sure it doesn’t freak out on me again. Sunday, I accidentally took a 3.75 mile walk and the ankle didn’t even so much as whisper a complaint. I say accidentally because I walked up to the pharmacy (at least that’s still within walking distance) but decided I couldn’t cross the 4 lanes of traffic again. It took me forever to do it the first time. Instead I walked up to the busiest street in my hometown and proceeded to turn right a few times until I was finally home. Incidentally, this new way home took me by an old boyfriend’s old place of employment, a middle school I previously only heard about it. So, for those of you playing along at home: it was Memorial to Pendleton to ?? (Pendleton turns into this mystery street and I didn’t notice the name. I suppose I could look it up but it really isn’t that important.) to Yelle to home.

So, this Hike for Mike. I’m not really nervous about it. I guess my ankle and it’s weirdness concerns me a little. I will continue to do the exercises and add weight in a few days. The mobility is slowly coming back. I do feel a clicking when I roll to the right…wonder what that’s all about.

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