A Tested Twelve

Gerbil cage
Saturday was 16 miles. I refuse to believe it, but I’ll take it. Sunday was…hell. No other way to describe it. Was it the fact I cleaned out the garage after the 16 mile walk? Was it the fact I have been sneezing like a banshee since Saturday night? Was it the fact I woke up on Sunday and “ran” some errands before walking 12? I’m not sure.
Maybe I shouldn’t have:

  • Picked up the prescription at Walgreens
  • Picked up bulk supplies at BJs
  • Picked up groceries at Big Y
  • Picked up pink socks at Dicks
  • Picked up gardening supplies at Home Depot
  • Weeded the front garden
  • Moved gravel
  • Did three loads of laundry
  • Made a BBQ chicken/broccoli/onion pizza from scratch…

…all before getting on the treadmill for twelve miles. It was after 4pm before I even got myself rolling. True, it only took me three hours. True, I got to listen to Coldplay’s Parachutes, John Mayer’s Continuum and a bunch of Natalie. True, I got to watch the statistics (one of my favorite pastimes), but! But, I missed being outside. I missed talking to someone (besides myself). I missed hitting the hills. Being a gerbil at this stage of things is not fun!

The good news is that I hit my fund raising goal! Despite that, I’m frustrated that a ton of people said they would donate and haven’t. I try not to think about how much I could have raised if those promises had been kept. Instead, I will try to focus on being thankful for the ones who did. Those donors did not know Noreen that well (all but one not at all), yet there it is. The magic of generosity.

So, where does training go from here? We have two weeks left. Not sure. I know I only like one pair of sneakers. Do I dare get a second pair without the chance to break them in? I know I only like three pairs of socks. Can I wear one pair each day without changing them out? I guess I’ll find out!

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