Day of Rest



Yesterday was a day off from the walking. Believe it or not, I feel awesome! My knee (the “good” one) seems to have a little twinge, but nothing I can’t handle – and one foot has a little evidence of “rub” almost like an indian burn? we used to get (and give) as kids. Very odd. I think this weekend I will try to find some real walking sneaks since everything I am training in is either a cross trainer or a failed running pair. I’m a little nervous about doing this because before the Leukemia race I trained in cross trainers for four months. When I finally switched to real runners I hurt my knee. Ugh. Psychology sucks.

Anyway, I spent yesterday and last night working both jobs and avoiding my annoying sister. I love the consulting job because I get to hang out on the phone without saying much. The occasional, “your duration is a little too long” or “instead of saying anything else ask What Else? Makes a big difference.” Oh well.

Today is weight training (upper only) and possibly a small four miler if I can get dinner underway first!

ps~ The cynic is me is slowing melting – someone who promised to donate over a week ago just donated! YAY

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