So Close to 14

Helping hand

Okay. So I stole this picture from the Rays of Hope walk I did last year. Different walk. Does it matter? Not hardly. I walked for cancer then, I walk for cancer now. Some things haven’t changed, but they should!
So. Sunday was supposed to 14 miles. It ended up being more like 13.72. Sorry, I missed the mark again! UghUghUgh. Here’s what happened: I started out without water, without real music, without a real plan. A real without the essentials walk. Rule number 1: have everything. Need nothing.
In an real effort to avoid THAT underpass I decided to wander aimlessly around my community. It’s like walking about blind. I had no clue where I was going and even less of an idea how I would track the whole thing. MapMyRun and RunnersWorld would have their work cut out for them when I was finished. I started out just walking down roads until their end. Instead of cutting up Montgomery early, I followed Penn to the end. I did that all over the place. Up and down side roads. Around little communities. No clue where I would end up. After two hours I decided it was time to head home for a pitstop. I say I started this trek without real music because I had my little mp3 player with me (the ipod was charging) so after a while the music started to repeat. Going home for a sec allowed me to get water, change out the devices, get more water, retie the laces, get more water, and start out again.
Trek two ended up being a test of the memory because I was determined to walk the same streets in the same order. I am proud to say I did it! This isn’t going to make sense to anyone:

  • Penn to the end
  • up Montgomery to Irwin
  • Fairmont
  • up and back on Arlmont
  • up Ashmont (hey, if I had known Arlmost went somewhere I would have stayed on it!)
  • down Old Dale
  • down Montello (past the guy with the motorcycle) to Montvue via Montauk and Montclair
  •  Mt Vernon
  • down Dale to Baltic via Fair (almost stopped in an open house to see if they still had dead mice)
  • Up Grattan -> down Rolf -> up Dale -> down Pleasantville (freaked myself out because it wasn’t Crawford)
  • Up Grattan ->down Grace 🙂
  • Up Dale to busy McKinstry to Mongomery
  • Back up Granby to Grattan (feeling really confused at this point)
  • Down Chapel (wish I had money for ice cream)
  • Down Granby to Montgomery to take me homehomehome.

Interesting stuff on the way: I almost stepped in a cluster of ants the size of my head. I came THIS close to freaking out. Despite being a more visible underpass Grattan had more drug paraphernalia than McKinstry.

AND – I still had the energy to run Ivy at the end. This has become my “burst” at the end – to run home. I don’t know, somehow it just feels good. Go figure.

Favorite walk lyric, “I walk these streets in a spectacle of wealth and poverty” ~ Natalie Merchant

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